Simulation du monorail sur l'autoroute 40, au carré D'youville dans la ville de Québec et traversant le pont de Québec.

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The financial requirements

argentThe monorail motorised by motor-wheels is first and foremost a research and development project. In order to construct networks of suspened monorails throughout the world, the project headed by Pierre Couture requires some 200 to 250 M$ extended over 4 to 5 years.

The time and money are necessary to regroup some 50 or so engineers and specialistes required to design the different systems and sub-systems of the monorail, and put into place a research centre (R&D) capable of constructing a 5 km test track in order to demonstate the efficiency and power of the system.

argentGovernement research grants can reimburse up to 50% of the 250 M$ required.

Actually, we are examining all possible financial avenues, in order to find the best formula capable of developing this technology.

Once the developmnt begins, the public interest will be enormous, and soon, the potential of construction of this transporttation system will ne enormous throughout the world.