Simulation du monorail sur l'autoroute 40, au carré D'youville et sur le pont de Québec.

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Soutenir le Monorail TrensQuébec 
Pour que le TrensQuébec soit déployé à travers le Québec.

The numerous ecological advantages

ecologiqueThose who understand the technical aspects of the monorail will immediately recognize why vehicles travelling at a certain height from the ground will maintain the environment practically intact, permetting people, animals, cars and trains to continue their operations without being affected undully. In addition, the monorail does not require the construction of additionnal bridges, tunnels or viaducts, a necessity for the French TGV or similar rapid trains.

The ecological advantages of the suspended monorail system are important and in line with durable development.

ecologiqueThe construction itself of the monorail is ecological, since the indrastructure can utilise the same corridors already utilised for other modes of transportation and, by the same token, reduce to a minimum all construction work on the ground, with only one hold to the ground by a pylon situated at every 40 meters or so.

In addition, the monorail system is driven by clean electricity instead of polluting fossil fuels.

The usage of the monorail system wil reduce to some extent the use of airplanes, automobiles, trains and buses, at least in corridors used by the monorail, and thereby reduce dependancy on fossil fuels. The monorail will also reduce car accidents by some 27% as indicated by the increased use of the TGV in France.

As explained earlier, the monorail will not cut the coutryside in half, like the TGV, and will facilitate the circulation of animals, cars and other modes of transportation. It's also important to underline the fact that the monorail system will be pratically silent, respecting the residents living close to the system. The monorail will be very attractive, confortable and, in some cases, panoramic for countless passenges.